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FROM: Jacob McLaughlin; Lab – Tuesday 6:00 PM DATE: February 7, 2011 1. COMARATIVE EVALUATION (A)BRAND NAME: (1) Reflects Brand Concept. Brown Cow Low Fat (BC) reflects the brand concept with “Cow”, which symbolizes the use of dairy products. BC also clearly states that the product is “Low Fat” which appeals to health conscious consumers. Dannon Activia (DA) reflects the brand concept with “Activia”, which derives from “active”, also appealing to health conscious consumers. “Dannon” derives from the son of the owner and has no association with the product. (2) Simple. BC is easy to pronounce and remember, and with the “American” connotations of Brown Cows, is easy for American consumers to identify with. D originally used the Spanish title, “Danone”, but changed to the current name to become more Americanized and be more easily pronounced by American consumers. Because BC uses average American terms, and D does not, BC is simpler than D. (3) Distinctive. BC may be confused with “Daisy” dairy products because of Daisy’s use of Daisy, the brown cow. D is not commonly confused with any other products. (4) Appropriate. BC uses the term cow to show that natural dairy is used and the company is American. BC also uses “Low Fat” to clearly state that the product is good for health conscious consumers. D has no association with the product but uses “Activia” to
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