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Campbell's soup commercial - Campbell’s were not being...

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Adv 318J Campbell’s Soup FDA’s definition of fresh is used to describe food that is in its raw state and has never been frozen or had anything else done to it Campbell’s position statement o There is nothing misleading about their statement o They chose the word stock to say that the fresh vegetables are put into the soup (or stocked) They are ordered to get rid of the word stocked Pillsbury’s position statement o They thought that stocked meant that they had all of the fresh vegetables and felt that
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Unformatted text preview: Campbell’s were not being truthful • NARB Panel Ruling o Yes the commercial was misleading and “stocked” must be changed • Bill Bernback about Advertising o Identified as the number one most important person in advertising of the time o He wanted people to understand that you have to be passionate in advertising or it will not work o The person that did the most to shape advertising o...
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