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ADV318J TA session #1 TA: Melissa Martin Projects are a 0% if they are not turned in at 330 on the due date Takes 2 weeks from due date to get grade back One free absence from TA session All 3 projects are individual o There will be a judge to name a winner Project 1 o Posted on blackboard o Due on the 7 th o Comparing 2 yogurt brands that are really different o 4 criteria for 2 main points – address every one of the points o Make your own brand Brand name, spokesperson, and a design Give the qualities of the new yogurt (soy product, ingredients, 3 flavors) o Example on the 7 th floor (back right) winner from last semester o Follow the directions – most important things o Melissa is grading them, she is the best person to ask questions
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Unformatted text preview: She will look it over before it is due if asked to o Also graded on grammar and spelling • Labs are related to the discussion in class and we will be doing worksheets Project #1 • Comparative evaluation o Compare 2 brands Compare 2 specific products, not the entire brand o Which product is more successful for each of the criteria (Name, Flavor…) o Yogurt A was superior in three of the four categories EX. • New product category o Make it a realistic yogurt so that it is easily comparable to the other yogurts o Just show one flavor package • No questions between now and Wednesday • Cover everything that is asked for •...
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