Adv 318J Women - • IBP Campaign Report o Guerrilla...

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Adv 318J Women Women o Creativity, enthusiasm, hard work o Women make 80% of purchasing decisions in our culture o Women get along better with women than men Change o Things can change over night and requires quick thinkers Adweek and Advertising Age – newspapers o 2000 v. 2010 change in media landscapes Big change is online because of recession o 2005 for the very first time, young people spent more time online than watching tv Emergence of the 4 th screen o 1 st tv, 2 nd computer, 3 rd cell phone, 4 th digital display center in airports, elevators, and time square o Controllers of 4 th screen Mallvision360 Digital Publicis Groupe Simon Property Group Top 20 markets 8 min loop 15sec spot every 2 min 4 th screen is not as interruptive as tv ads 49malls 9000 screen 40.2MM in 4 weeks
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Unformatted text preview: • IBP Campaign Report o Guerrilla marketing – edgy, inexpensive promotional initiatives executed in major urban markets Generate conversation value and buzz PR used to spike media coverage Web site tie-in Inexpensive Coordinated with the launch of “dogs rule” Rain washed away so it is a risky business • Textbook notes are on blackboard • What is this course about? o Developing big IBP campaign ideas o American express portraits campaign won all creativity awards o Intriguing leibovitz photos + brief spread o My Life. My Card. Campaign • Where do big ideas come from? o “idea spotting” – you don’t have to come up with great communication ideas Jared and subway...
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Adv 318J Women - • IBP Campaign Report o Guerrilla...

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