Eval Form ex. 3 - ADV 318J Spring 2011 Ad Selected Norway...

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ADV 318J – Spring 2011 Name: Chandler Abbott Ad Selected: Norway Lab: T 5-6 Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Using the circulation demographic information provided plus your own analysis of the ad you selected, define the target audience for the ad (maximum of 50 words). Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of The New Yorker . Use abbreviations: Ford Focus (FF), Norway (N) and T.RowePrice (TRP). TARGET AUDIENCE : The target audience for (N)’s ad is a group of college-graduated adults ranging from the ages of 45 to 60 that currently hold either professional or managerial positions that generate salaries of over $95,000 annually. This audience enjoys international travelling, experiencing nature, and the stimulation of seeing new sights. 2. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy (ignore the tiny copy at the bottom of two ads) and layout/design of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. For each of these four elements indicate whether you feel the element would effective or ineffective and explain why. HEADLINE : Strengths : (1) The (N) headline coaxes the reader into the ad by holding something back as well as not being “boring and wordy”, enticing the reader to read the body copy in order to learn about the brand and its selling point (M, OG). (2) The headline is relevant to the ad because it demonstrates the selling point by highlighting the nature aspects of the city of Oslo (B). Weaknesses : (1) The headline uses a fewer amount of words than the recommended six to twelve (O). (2) (N) fails to mention the brand’s name in the headline making it harder for the audience to recall the brand (M). Overall : The (N) headline proves to be ineffective for the ad because it fails to sell the brand as well as what is being sold. ILLUSTRATION : Strengths : (1) The (N) illustration forms a complementary relationship with the headline, both displaying the beauty of the Nature within the city of Oslo (M). (2) The illustration uses a photograph with grand aesthetic
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Eval Form ex. 3 - ADV 318J Spring 2011 Ad Selected Norway...

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