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Lecture notes on magazine adv

Lecture notes on magazine adv - Headline Mustgrabattention...

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Headline ? Must grab attention o Disneyland o Red Roof Inn o Schwinn Bicycles o American Music World ? Must be relevant o Citibank/Citicorp (not relevant) ? Rise and Shine ? Breakfast Promotion? ? Changed to Protect your nest egg. ? Can coax the reader into the ad by either: o Holding something back; ? Incomplete, intriguing ? Canyon Ranch ? Objects all over o Telling a complete selling story at a glance ? Cannondale Bikes ? If it were human, they’d test it for steroids ? Headlines should: o Attract attention o Be relevant o Coax the reader into the rest of the ad ? How may words are best? o 6-12
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o 5x more people read the headline as opposed to the body copy. o Best if brand name is in headline and also if you sell your product in the  headline. Illustration ? Should support the selling point  the advertiser wants to communicate o Bad examples: ? Instinet ? Canon ? Should form a complementary relationship
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  • Spring '07
  • Murphey
  • Red Roof Inn, complementary relationship, Real Simple Magazine, selling point, American Music World, complete selling story

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