Eval Form ex. 2 - ADV 318J Spring 2011 Ad Selected: Norway...

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ADV 318J – Spring 2011 Name: Sara Pence Ad Selected: Norway Lab: Wednesday 7-8 PM Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Using the circulation demographic information provided plus your own analysis of the ad you selected, define the target audience for the ad (maximum of 50 words). Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of The New Yorker . Use abbreviations: Ford Focus (FF), Norway (N) and T.RowePrice (TRP). TARGET AUDIENCE : With the given information about the demographics the Norway ad printed in the New York Times is most likely targeting older men and women between the ages of 50-65 who are educated, and make a substantial amount of money. They are targeting people in this category who enjoy traveling and have a curiosity in different cultures as well as nature’s scenery. 2. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy (ignore the tiny copy at the bottom of two ads) and layout/design of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. For each of these four elements indicate whether you feel the element would effective or ineffective and explain why. HEADLINE : Strengths: 1) The headline in N stands out on the illustration making it easier for the reader to notice what the ad is about, and after reading the headline, makes it more likely for the reader to focus on illustration. 2) It is short and sweet, making the chances for it to be read by the intended audience higher. 3) Because the headline in N is short and not very concise, it leaves the reader wondering what it actually means, therefore coaxing them to read the rest of the ad (M). 4) The quote at the top of N encourages the reader to continue reading about what the ad has to offer. Weaknesses: 1) The headline doesn’t mention the brand name in it, which according to OG, is one of it’s main purposes. 2) The headline isn’t very relevant to the ad’s main purpose of persuading the target audience to visit Norway. 3) Although N keeps the
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Eval Form ex. 2 - ADV 318J Spring 2011 Ad Selected: Norway...

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