Bernbach's last 3 Principles - Paul 14

Bernbach's last 3 Principles - Paul 14 - Great Example of...

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ADV. 3/30/11 Charles Schwab GameStop Coolest Dad Ever X Factor is Great Creativity ! William Bernbach o Believed that Ad creativity was a function of 2 things: 1. One’s own talent 2. Work environment Volkswagen o Think Small o Impossible (Overheating) o Beatle as Police Vehicle o Lemon. (Dud) Bernbach “Scratch on the door that was not noticeable for the naked eye. What they are saying through “Lemon” is that we have the best inspection services.” Principle # 5: Relevance Idea Spotting Example o Bernbach walking by news stand, paper says, “Cop swears DA fixed dope raps.” There is a stalled out car and a beetle sinking in the water. He buys the picture from the paper and comes out with the ad, “Water Bug”. o Many people would recognize the next day where that picture came from. o Ex. Of Relevance Nike o LeBron James, “What should I do?”
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Unformatted text preview: Great Example of using Relevance Humor can add relevance o It was the only thing to do after the mule died Volkswagen, relates to famous painting. Principle # 6: Find a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) USP- best if you can express USP in campaign tagline. Rules of USP 1. Must make a definite proposition 2. It must be unique 3. The proposition must sell USP almost never wears out Repetition, repetition, repetition Repetition, repetition, repetition, Repetition, repetition, repetition Great Ex. of USP. Southwest Airlines o Bags fly free Principle # 7: Consistency Bernbachs campaign was one of the longest running campaigns in advertising history. Motel 6 o Well leave the light on for you. Bernbachs 7 Principles...
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Bernbach's last 3 Principles - Paul 14 - Great Example of...

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