Key Points of the Constitution

Key Points of the Constitution - KeyPointsoftheConstitution...

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Key Points of the Constitution 06:09 o Notes from video This means that most governments had monarchies or dominant rulers that would control citizens by the force of an army. Instead of this, the founding fathers would make the constitution as their own version of force. A government by the people. -Started own government in 1781, The Articles of Confederation=league of friendship -There was no power to tax -Each state printed its own money -Loosely functioned as one -No authority to create the constitution, just amend the articles of confederation -Virginia wanted to throw out the Articles and write a new constitution -Three equal branches=legislature, judicial, executive (like a giant game of rock paper scissors) -Electoral college to choose the president -Proportional representation, depending on population is how many votes a state would get -Bicameral legislature (two house legislature)=house of representatives with proportional representation, and senate with equal representation -3/5ths compromise, each slave person would be worth 3/5ths a person in population-if not southern states would have power because of excessive amounts of slaves -Must have a stake in society in order to vote- if not have nothing to lose while voting -Constitution was not perfect, made article five to be able to change/amend the constitution o Articles of Confederation Created a loose “league of friendship” The states were strong, national government were weak
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Key Points of the Constitution - KeyPointsoftheConstitution...

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