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Chapter 1 notes from book

Chapter 1 notes from book - Reading Guide Chapter 1 Key...

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Reading Guide Chapter 1 Key themes : (1) Foundations of American government (origins, philosophies, history) Origins o Mayflower Compact (1620) – written by Protestant Pilgrims to establish fist form of self-governing in America Social Contract – agreement between the people and the gov signifying their consent to be governed o Framers wrote US Constitution Preamble (1787) Has guided our nation’s gov, politics, institutions, and inhabitants Philosophies o A coalition of people who want to be self-governed History o Roman Empire failed and monarchies were seen as “God’s Will” o Reformation and Enlightenment brought intellectual and religious developments and group of Protestants broke away from the Church of England and went to America to flee religious persecution (2) Hobbes and Locke (compare and contrast) Compare o Both 17 th century English theorists o Agree that there should be a power looking over everyone Proposed social contract theory of gov
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