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Chapter 1 intro Political landscape Philosophical origins and foundations o Social contract – agreement between the people and the gov signifying their consent to be governed Mayflower Compact, 1620 - o Forming a government does not mean the establishments. But a coalition of people who want to be governed o Politics – process of how policy decisions get made o Government – formal vehicle o Thomas Hobbes, 1651 – he wanted a monarch that would rule in the interest of the people Leviathan – (biblical sea creature) all powerful ruler made up of people to protect the weak o John Locke, later than Hobbes - o On what did hobbes and locke agree?
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Unformatted text preview: There should be a power looking over everyone o On what did they disagree? Conditions to overthrow gov o Hobbes – “state of Nature” – nasty, brutish One ruler Protect weak Leviathan o Locke – Preserving “natural rights” Limited executive – small group of ppl with power Protect property Rule of law o Origins and foundations People are free and equal by natural right Government requires popular consent Espoused in different forms by both hobbes and locke o Page 9 in txt book – comparison of locke and hobbes o...
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