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Political ideologies and population

Political ideologies and population - privare over public...

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Government political culture Political culture – shared framework of values, beliefs, and habits related to gov and politics Texas political culture Political climate in Texas o Low taxes, low services o Regional variations in political culture o West vs. east vs. south vs. north Different economies o Urban vs. rural o Austin vs. Dallas Dallas vs. Fort Worth o Border areas Political Socialization o A process by which individuals acquire beliefs, values, and habits of thought and action related to government, politics, and society (section 3.1) Political ideology o Ideologies are beliefs that shape worldviews o Liberals – favor active government, are supportive of change o Conservatives – prefers less gov, less regulation of the economy, preference for
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Unformatted text preview: privare over public sector for dealing with many domestic issues o Social Conservatives – favor gov involvement in regulation of morality, religious right o Libertarians – opposed to government interference, favor free markets and personal liberty • Changing American Population o Why do we care about changes in the American population? Characteristics affect attitudes Differences can be a source of conflict • Changing demographics o Population is increasing in size o Racial and ethnic composition is shifting o Country is aging o Families are becoming smaller and less traditional •...
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Political ideologies and population - privare over public...

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