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Chem 2080, Spring 2011 Review Sheet of Concepts Covered Up To Prelim #1 Chapter 7: The Law of Conservation of Energy (The First Law of Thermodynamics). Exothermic versus Endothermic Reactions. Heat Capacity; Specific Heat; Molar Heat Capacity. Heats of Reaction and Calorimetry; the two types of calorimeter (constant volume or constant pressure). Reactions can do work; Internal Energy (U); Δ U = q v (as in a bomb calorimeter); If Δ V is zero, w is zero. Functions of State; Enthalpy (H); standard states, standard enthalpies of reaction, standard enthalpies of formation. Standard enthalpies of formation ( Δ f ) for each pure element in its reference form is zero. Standard enthalpies of a change of state (fusion and vaporization). Hess’s Law. Electrical heating. Important equations: Δ U = q + w (heat plus work). w = –P. Δ V where Δ V=(V final - V initial ) , so in an expansion, Δ V is positive, and work leaves the system and w is negative. At constant pressure,
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