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chem1008assignment1(feb 3)

chem1008assignment1(feb 3) - steel(specific heat = 0.500...

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CHEMISTRY 1008 Name: ___________________ Homework Assignment #1 Due: Noon on Thursday, February 3 1. (6 pts) You left your trumpet in the car overnight and now you want to heat up the mouthpiece before you play it. The mouthpiece is made of brass (specific heat 0.377 J/g ° C), weighs 117 grams and is currently at a temperature of -12.5 ° C. You plan on filling a styrofoam cup with hot water from the tap at 51.2 ° C and letting the mouthpiece sit in the water until it reaches body temperature (37.0 ° C). What is the minimum amount of hot tap water (specific heat = 4.184 J/g ° C) you will need assuming no heat is lost or gained from the cup or the surroundings? 2. (6 pts) You have a styrofoam cup that contains 150.0 mL of coffee (d=1.00g/mL) at 78.2 ° C and you place a room temperature (20.7 ° C) spoon in the coffee. If the spoon weighs 24.6 g and is pure stainless
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Unformatted text preview: steel (specific heat = 0.500 J/g ° C). What is the temperature of your coffee after you have put the spoon in it? You can assume that no heat is lost to the cup or the surroundings, that the coffee has the same specific heat as water (4.184 J/g ° C) and that the whole spoon is evenly heated. 3. (8 pts) The kiddy pool at Cass Park here in Ithaca has a surface area of 38.0 m 2 and has an average depth of 59.3 cm. On a sunny day the sun shines 200 watts/m 2 onto the pool. (1 watt = 1J/s) How long will the sun need to shine to raise the temperature of the pool 10.0 ° C? Assume that no heat is lost or gained from the surroundings, all the energy from the sun is absorbed by the water and the water heats evenly throughout the pool. You can also treat the pool water as pure water with d=1.00g/mL and specific heat = 4.184J/g ° C....
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