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chem1008assignment10(April14) - mL aqueous solution and...

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CHEMISTRY 1008 Name: ________________________ Homework Assignment #10 Due: Thursday, April 14, 2011 (most useful if completed before prelim #2) 1. (2 pts) Carbon monoxide (CO) forms complexes with metals like these: Ni(CO) 4 and Fe(CO) 5 . CO also forms complexes with iron ions in hemoglobin, which inhibits the normal function of the hemoglobin. Is CO a Lewis acid or a Lewis base? Explain your answer. 2. (8 pts) A 0.200 gram sample of a triprotic acid (molar mass = 165.0 g/mole) is dissolved in 50.00
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Unformatted text preview: mL aqueous solution and titrated with 0.0500 M NaOH. After 10.50 mL of the base was added, the pH was observed to be 3.73. The pH at the first equivalence point was 5.19 and at the second equivalence point was 8.00. (a) Calculate the three Ka values for the acid. (b) Calculate the pH after 59.0 mL of the titrant has been added....
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