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ShortReportExample - Below is an example of a short report...

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Below is an example of a short report. Please include your name and the short report number as indicated below. In addition, please cite your source in the manner shown below. The first paragraph of a short report should be a brief synopsis of the content of the article. The second paragraph should be an analysis of the importance of the article. Please make sure that your short reports are double spaced . Please see me if you have any questions. Two additional examples of short reports may be found here . Richard Ringer Short Report 1 Main, J. (July 1, 1991). Is the Baldridge overblown? Fortune , 62-65 Main raises questions regarding the value of receiving the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Citing a number of quality experts and consultants, Main highlights some of the problems with the Baldridge award. First, the award may not be a guarantee that a company s products are, in fact, superior. Cadillac, a Baldridge winner in 1990, was recognized for establishing an excellent quality-management system; the process was the winner, not the product. Second, the Baldridge is not a cure-all since it
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