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University Preparation Program (UPP) Summer School 2010/2011 The UPP Summer School is an intensive preparation program for students accepted into a degree or associate degree program in 2011 or who studied in 2010 and want to improve their skills. Description: The program will run in two parts, with students completing between 3 and 5 UPP units. Part 1: UPP050 Using Technology - An information technology (computer) unit for students needing to gain or improve their computer skills. Part 1 of the program will run in December 2010 as indicated below. The skills covered in this unit are essential/pre-requisite for Part 2 of the UPP Summer School. Students wanting to do IT skills only may be accepted if there is room, however preference will be given to students undertaking the whole UPP Summer School program. Part 2: An integrated course covering three University Preparation Program Units – UPP010 Study Skills, UPP020 Written Communication and UPPP040 Information Literacy. Students successfully
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