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chp. 4 psych terms - Absolute threshold Additive color...

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Absolute threshold The minimum amount of stimulation that an organism can detect for a specific type of sensory input. Additive color mixing Formation of colors by superimposing lights, putting more light in the mixture than exists in any one light by itself. Afterimage A visual image that persists after a stimulus is removed. Auditory localization Locating the source of a sound in space. Basilar membrane A structure that runs the length of the cochlea in the inner ear and holds the auditory receptors, called hair cells. Binocular depth cues Clues about distance based on the differing views of the two eyes. Bottom-up processing In form perception, progression from individual elements to the whole. Cochlea The fluid-filled, coiled tunnel in the inner ear that contains the receptors for hearing. Color blindness Deficiency in the ability to distinguish among colors. Complementary colors Pairs of colors that produce gray tones when added together. Cones Specialized visual receptors that play a key role in daylight vision and color vision. Convergence A cue to depth that involves sensing the eyes converging toward each other as they focus on closer objects. Dark adaptation The process in which the eyes become more sensitive to light in low illumination. Depth perception Interpretation of visual cues that indicate how near or far away objects are. Distal stimuli Stimuli that lie in the distance (that is, in the world outside the body). Farsightedness
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chp. 4 psych terms - Absolute threshold Additive color...

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