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ECE311CourseDescription - impedance matching Smith Chart 3...

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COURSE SYLLABUS _______________________________________________________________ ECE 311 – Electromagnetics I Winter 2011 Summary: Introduction to electrodynamics (1 spatial variable, 1 temporal variable); static electromagnetic phenomena (3 spatial variables). Instructor : Prof. Ronald M. Reano Class Time : 2:30-3:18 PM, MWF Place : Lazenby Hall 0034 Office Hours : 3:30-4:30 PM, MWF at Caldwell Lab 213 e-mail : [email protected] Textbook : Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, Ulaby, F. Prentice-Hall, 6 th Edition Prerequisite : ECE 205 (Circuit Analysis), Math 415 (Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations), and acceptance as an ECE major; or permission of instructor. Tentative Topics: 1. Review of complex numbers and phasors 2. Transmission lines (voltages, currents, impedance, reflection coefficient,
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Unformatted text preview: impedance matching, Smith Chart) 3. Review of vectors, vector calculus, and coordinate systems 4. Electrostatics Grading : Homework (10%), Midterm 1 (25%), Midterm 2 (25%), Final Exam (40%). Homework : Completed sets and labs are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late homework will not be accepted. All graphical plots should be done on a computer. Exams: The midterms and the final exam are closed book. For the midterms, one page (front and back) of equations/notes will be allowed. For the final exam, two pages (front and back) of equations/notes will be allowed. Exams may be taken in advance in the event of a serious conflict. Exams may not be made up after the fact unless documentation is provided (serious illness, etc.)....
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