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The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 352 Winter 2011 Problem set 4 Due, February 11 Problem 1 (40) A second order discrete-time filter is given: H(z)= 15 z/(z^2 + z + .5) The input to this filter is x(k)= 5 u(k) - 7 u(k-10). The initial states are both zero. 1.1 Specify the poles and zeros and show them in the complex z plane. Is this filter stable? Why? Explain. 1.2 Draw a simulation diagram for this filter 1.3 From the simulation diagram, derive state space equations for this filter. 1.4 Derive y(k) in problem 1 by the iterative technique.
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Unformatted text preview: 1.5 Tabulate y(k) for 0= < k < 21. 1.6 Plot y(k) versus k. Attach all matlab programs. Problem 2 (20) 2.1 Solve for Y(z) in problem 1. 2.2 Perform a partial fraction expansion of Y(z). 2.3 By table-lookup, derive y(k) as afunction of k. 2.4 Tabulate and plot y(k) versus k for 0 =< k < 21. Attach matlab programs. Problem 3 (20) Consider the system in problem1 above 3.1 Derive the difference equation relating y(k) to x(k). 3.2 Derive y(k) of problem 1 by analytical methods. 3.3 Tabulate and plot y(k) versus k for 0 =< k < 21. Attach matlab programs....
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