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331SYLWi11_course description - DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL...

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DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING The Ohio State University Course Syllabus ECE 331 Introduction to Materials for Electrical Engineering Winter 2011 MWF 130-2:18 120 Caldwell Lab COURSE OBJECTIVES: In almost every case, the work of engineers finds application through materials. For example, developments in the understanding of the structure of materials and the engineering of their properties directly led to solid state devices, Moore’s Law scaling of transistors, and the resulting revolutionary growth in all aspects of electrical and computer engineering. The future of Electrical Engineering itself is squarely dependent upon the ability to understand, exploit and apply ever-new electronic, photonic and magnetic properties of materials and with the advent of “nanotechnology” the richness of new properties and the impact of materials on electrical engineers has, arguably, never been more significant. With a greater understanding of materials, electrical engineers are already leaders in the most pressing societal issues, from renewable energy and environmental sustainability to ultra-portable communication and bio- compatible medical devices. The primary purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the interrelation of the structure, properties and processing of materials, with an emphasis on the first two. While the course covers a broad range of materials and properties, special treatment is given to those of particular interest for electrical engineers. 1. Students learn about the fundamentals of the physical and electronic properties of materials. 2. Students learn the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. 3. Students apply these results to the understanding of the electronic properties of semiconductors. TEXTS
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331SYLWi11_course description - DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL...

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