soc110 - - Teaches the basics of society/ Socialization-...

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4. The Future of Gender Roles - Promoting gender equality D. Families - All societies have a family - Foundational 1. Definitions a. “A group of people related by marriage, ancestry, or adoption who live together in a common household.” b. “ A group of people who define them as a family” 2. Types of Family a. Monogamy vs Polygamy - One spouse vs. more than one spouse - Koran says man can have up to 4 wives - More polygamy societies than monogamy societies b. Nuclear vs Extended - Nuclear : parents + children Nuclear families are more flexible - Extended: Parents, Children, Grandparents, etc 3. Theoretical Perspectives a. The Functions of the Family - Regulates marriage, discipline, training, educating children
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Unformatted text preview: - Teaches the basics of society/ Socialization- Economic support b. The Conflict Perspective- Inequality: Patriarchal, Class Status 4. The Evolution of the Family- Foraging societies that promote Nuclear familes 5. The Family in Global Perspective E. Conformity and Deviance 1. The Power of Conformity Asch Study-People thought the wrong answers were right when being manipulated-Changing mindset to fit social norm Milgram Study-Study on conformity-How many people will conform to social norms?-Electric shocks to promote learning/ or not-Pain given to fake subject-Changed the way we did research-The actual subject Mechanisms of Social Control...
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soc110 - - Teaches the basics of society/ Socialization-...

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