HAdams_TransyvaniaHospitalStudy_021411 - Transylvania...

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Unformatted text preview: Transylvania Hospital Case Study 1 RUNNING HEAD: TRANSYLVANIA HOSPITAL CASE STUDY Trnsylvn Hosptl Cs Study Helen Adams Rasmussen College Operations Management MAN3504 Joe Caberto February 14, 2011 Trnsylvn Hosptl Cs Study Transylvania Hospital Case Study 2 Th forcst s th stmt of th vlu of vrbl (or st of vrbls) t som futur tm. In ths not w consdr som of th mthods of forcstng. A forcstng xrcs s usully prformd to provd n d to dcson-mkng nd plnnng for th futur. Usully, ll th xrcss s work on th prms tht f w cn prdct wht th futur wll b lk now w cn modfy our bhvor to b n bttr poston, whch would othrws hv bn, whn th futur rrvs. Applctons to nclud th forcsts (Armstrong, 2001) Invntory control nd producton plnnng - forcstng dmnd for product tht llows...
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HAdams_TransyvaniaHospitalStudy_021411 - Transylvania...

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