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CFU – Parking Garage 1 RUNNING HEAD: CFU – WHERE TO LOCATE THE PARKING GARAGE CFU -Where to Locate the Parking Garage Helen Adams Rasmussen College Operations Management – MAN3504 Joe Caberto January 29, 2011 CFU -Where to Locate the Parking Garage After reviewing the case study, I would have to say that the best site for the new garage would be Site B and D. Site B and D are ideal because there is a lot of space to work with. Also,
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CFU – Parking Garage 2 utilizing Sites B and D would keep the University from having everything packed in close together. However, there is other criterion that is important when deciding where the final garage will be located. Other criteria that would help to decide where the location of the garage should be include the following: “Site costs, proximity to transportation systems, utilities, payroll and local taxes, environmental issues, and zoning restrictions” (Collier & Evans, 2010, pg 167). One concept that is in the assigned reading and is illustrated by this case study would be center-of-
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Unformatted text preview: gravity method. The center-of-gravity method takes into account the locations of the facility and markets, demand, and transportation costs in arriving at the best location for a single facility (Collier & Evans, 2010, pg 167). The center of gravity method is used to determine the location of a single distribution center that will minimize distribution costs. It is helpful in a limited number of situations, which are primarily service businesses, where geography and transportation costs are important. To use this method for the case study, you would use a map which would show the locations of the possible garage sites. You would then use a coordinate system that is overlaid on the map to help determine the relative locations. Once this is done, the coordinates for each site can be placed. References Collier, David A., Evans, James R. (2010). Operations Management OM2. Publisher: CENGAGE. ISBN: 13-978-0-538-74678-6 CFU Parking Garage 3...
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HAdams_CFUParkingGarage_020111 - gravity method. The...

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