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Unformatted text preview: Knowledgeable workers Por tability Traditional Music CDs Low pr icing Packaging Service Design 1 RUNNING HEAD: GOODS AND SERVICES DESIGN Goods and Service Design Helen Adams Rasmussen College Operations Management – MAN3504 Joe Caberto January 24, 2011 Goods and Service Design Customer Benefit Packages (CBP) are statements that specifically state the contents of a service. It gives the customer information on what they should and shouldn’t expect with the service. Taking this into consideration, I will provide the CBP for Universal Music Group. “Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world’s leading music company and is comprised of two core businesses: recorded music and music publishing” (UMG, 2011, Overview). Traditional music CD’s that were available for sale in the 1980s (before the internet) have certain peripheral goods and services. The customer is buying the expertise of friendly staff, along with Service Design 2 the packing they come in (see CBP Figure 1). When compared to purchasing music CDs using the packing they come in (see CBP Figure 1)....
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HAdams_ServiceDesign_012411 - Knowledgeable workers Por...

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