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Measuring Performance 1 RUNNING HEAD: MEASURING PERFORMANCE IN OPERATIONS Measuring Performance in Operations Helen Adams Rasmussen College Operations Management – MAN3504 Joe Caberto January 19, 2011 Measuring Performance in Operations The data in the Greyhound Insurance Case Study can be use to evaluate, control, motivate, celebrate, learn and improve performance of processing check data. The information can be used to evaluate how well the company is doing. However, in order to evaluate, the manager should determine what he actually wants to accomplish. In this
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Measuring Performance 2 case, it would be to decrease keying errors, missed postings and delayed work. The data can be used for control to help the manager ensure that their employees are doing the right thing. The data can also be used to motivate by giving employees significant and clear goals to achieve. The manager would then want to acknowledge/celebrate their employee’s achievements to make them feel empowered and help them gain a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. The data
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HAdams_MeasuringPerformance_011911 - Measuring Performance...

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