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Module 02 Discussion - Strategic Focus of Organizations Choose one of the following types of organizations that may be of interest to you: sporting goods store haircut salon college bar or restaurant pizza business a sports team wireless telephone service In one descriptive paragraph, define the firm's strategic vision, strategy, and competitive priorities. What are the order qualifiers and winners? What would operations have to be good at to make this a successful business or organization? For this discussion, I have chosen the pizza business, particularly Pizza Hut. The main products of Pizza Hut are different styles of Pizza. Other products include breadsticks, garlic bread and pasta. In order to prepare these food items, Pizza Hut has to coordinate with suppliers
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Unformatted text preview: of different ingredients such as vegetables, chicken and bread. Efficient supply chain management is a critical success factor for Pizza Hut because that is what creates the core competencies that are the sources of competitive advantage for the company. The ingredients are flown in from different parts of the world and therefore information sharing is a critical consideration. In order to ensure that the company meets this objective, the management is committed to the process of total quality management. Success of this process depends on involving the suppliers so that they can understand how their efforts are linked to the strategic focus of the company. References Pizza Hut. (2011). Pizza Hut Site Map. Retrieved from http://www.pizzahut.com/sitemap.html...
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