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Week 10 Discussion - Wrap-up Throughout this course, you have been exposed to international accounting standards for various organizations and countries. Do you feel that this is an area that you would like to practice? Why or why not? How does international accounting/business impact your everyday life? I’m not exactly sure this is an area that I would like to practice however; I’m still trying to figure out what position I want to go for. I was hoping to go into the CIA or FBI and help them in their counter-terrorism department but I highly doubt I will be able to make it through the physical (I
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Unformatted text preview: have had two surgeries on my left shoulder and a recent surgery on my right). I think international accounting affects our daily lives as we are continuously dealing with imports and exports. Most stores have many items that are made in other countries that have had to be imported into our country. It’s amazing how fast products and currencies are exchanged globally and the impact they have on businesses we frequent....
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