HAdams_FootnoteDisclosure_021411 - Notes to Financial...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes to Financial Statements 1 RUNNING HEAD: NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Nots to Fnncl Sttmnts Helen Adams Rasmussen College International Accounting ACG4250 Jaclyn Strauss, CPA February 14, 2011 Notes to Financial Statements 2 Nots to Fnncl Sttmnts Th country slctd for th purpos of ths tsk s Chn. All ccounts of ssts nd lblts of forgn subsdrs nd fflts r trnsltd nto Jpns yn t xchng rts f th nd of th yr nd ll ncom nd xpndtur ccounts of th subsdrs r trnsltd t vrg xchng rt for ch prod. Adjustmnts of forgn currncy trnslton r ncludd s componnt of ccumultd othr comprhnsv ncom. Accounts rcvbl nd pybl n forgn currncs r trnsltd t rts pproprt to currnt yr gns or losss rsultng...
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HAdams_FootnoteDisclosure_021411 - Notes to Financial...

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