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International Organizations 1 RUNNING HEAD: INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING ORGANIZATIONS International Accounting Organizations Helen Adams Rasmussen College International Accounting – ACG4250 Jaclyn Strauss, CPA January 9, 2011
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International Organizations 2 International Accounting Organizations The Association of International Accountants (AIA) is an organization whose mission is to ensure trust, clarity and shared international standards in the accounting profession. The Association of International Accountants was created in the United Kingdom during 1928. Since their conception, The Association of International Accountants has always promoted the idea of international accounting. They currently consist of a global network of accountants in 85 countries. The AIA has the recognition of the United Kingdom in regards to the following: Recognised Qualifying Body for statutory auditors under the Companies Act 2006, across the European Union under the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications
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HAdams_InternationalOrganizations_012311 - International...

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