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Week 11 Written Assignment - Developing a New AIS In the systems development life cycle (SDLC), it is imperative that systems analysis in completed. It is important that the different systems be completed in the correct order for the overall system to work effectively. In this week's assignment, you arrange systems in the appropriate sequence and identify conversion plans for each system. Complete "Problem 20.6" at the end of chapter 20. Make sure to complete all parts of the problem. Problem 20.6 A savings and loans association has decided to develop a new AIS. The internal auditors have suggested planning the systems development process in accordance with the SDLC concept. The following nine items have been identified as major systems development activities that will have to be completed. 1) 2) System test 3) User specifications 4) Conversion 5) System planning study 6) Technical specifications 7) Postimplementation planning 8) Implementation planning 9) User procedures and training
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HAdams_Wk11Written_031711 - Week 11 Written Assignment...

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