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Week 11 Discussion - System Conversion When a company converts from one system to another, more than one department is affected. In a manufacturing company, list at least two departments that will be affected and describe what the affect will be on each. What happens if one department is forgotten in the planning process? When a company converts from one system to another, the employees and the policies are affected. A switch from one system to another can leave employees feeling that they may lose their job as their position may no longer be needed. Employees may also be reluctant to accept the new system as they are used to the old one and will need to learn the new one.
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Unformatted text preview: The policies and procedures of conducting business on the new system will most definitely be different from the policies and procedures that were used for the old system. There may be new procedures for reducing the amount of errors, data input and security controls. Leaving a department out of the planning process can prove disastrous. The department will not know what to do and how to operate the new system. Also many errors may occur due to mis-information. The employees working in that particular department may feel unwanted and unneeded as they were not informed or a part of the planning process....
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