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Week 10 Written Assignment - Audio Visual Corporation Change is difficult. When changing to a new AIS system, careful planning as well as support for all those impacted is required. If this is not done well, problems can occur. Read "Case 18-1: Audio Visual Corporation" at the end of Chapter 18. Answer the questions after the case. 1) Apparently the development of an transition to the new computer-based system has created problems among AVC’s staff. Identify and briefly discuss the apparent cause of these problems. I think the causes of these problems stem from a lack of communication. I also think that management did not plan the upgrade and did not allow employees to comment on the process that should be taken. The MIS group should have gotten approval from
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Unformatted text preview: management for the changes that were done on the information systems and operating systems, 2) How could the company have avoided these problems in the first place? How could they prevent them from happening in the future? They could have avoided these problems by planning better and making sure that enough communication was taking place between the MIS group and management. I also think that management should have been keeping a closer eye on the progress of changes. In order to avoid these problems in the future, the chain of command and how each other’s roles affect each other should be looked at....
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