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Week 10 Discussion - Software Replaces Employees Many times, after the implementation of a new system, employees must be let go. More advanced systems take over the work that some employees may be manually completing and their services are no longer necessary. Assume that you are the manager in this type of situation. How do you address the employees that are to be let go? How do you address the rest of the staff? If I was a manager in this situation, I would first inform the employees that are going to be affected. The sooner they know of this, the sooner they will be able to look for another job. After informing the employees affected by this, I would ask the employees if there is anything that I can do to assist them in finding a new job. It could be as easy as offering a recommendation or
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Unformatted text preview: being used as a reference. If I knew of any positions that may be available in another department of the company, I could refer them or suggest to the managers in the other departments that they should be considered for the position. What is amazing is that this is what we are currently dealing with at work. As of about a week ago, Wells Fargo announced that they will no longer be doing wholesale mortgages. The people in the wholesale department which is directly across from the closing department was shocked and scared they would lose their jobs. Wells Fargo intends to find them places in other departments, so they can continue to work for them and the employees are directly affected by their choice to discontinue wholesale mortgages....
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