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Week 05 Written Assignment - Confidentiality Problems Many companies that do business online must take confidentiality issues into consideration as well as controlling the integrity of the data. In this week's assignment, you examine confidentiality issues and controls that may be experienced by a state tax department. Read "Case 8-1: The State Department of Taxation" at the end of Chapter 8. Answer all questions related to the case study. Questions 1) Describe the potential confidentiality problems that could arise in each of the following three areas of processing, and recommend the corrective action(s) to solve each problem identified: a) Data Input a. Data can be entered that is incomplete or inaccurate. i. In order to ensure that the data entered is complete and accurate, the department could design forms in way that would minimize error. This could involve sequentially numbering documents. Another control method that could be used, is to cancel documents that have already been entered into the system so they are not duplicated. b) Processing of Returns
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HAdams_ConfidentialityProblems_020211 - Week 05 Written...

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