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Week 04 Discussion - Absolute Security The growth of information technology has caused the accounting industry to further examine control and security issues. Do you feel it is possible to provide absolute security for a company's information system? Why or why not? What are some controls that can be put into place to enhance the security of the information system? Explain. No, in my opinion, I do not think that it is possible to provide absolute security for a company’s information system. The reason behind this, is simple. There are so many Information Technology geniuses out in the world whose only thrill is to seek if they can crack security codes businesses use to protect their information. Granted, it is extremely difficult to do this but there
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Unformatted text preview: are always going to be those thrill seekers that want to see if they can do it and if they can get away with it. One thing I think that could help this, is using multiple decrypting software programs to ensure that information (financial or personal) is kept confidential. I have heard (word of mouth) that many government agencies are already using this technique. Information is encrypted using one software program and then is sent directly to another software program to encrypt it further. I find this rather interesting, although when I hear someone talking about IT I have to admit, it sounds like they are speaking another language....
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