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AIS_Wk1Discussion - Week 01 Discussion Business...

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Week 01 Discussion - Business Organizations There are many types of business organizations. They may be service, merchandising, or a combination of these. How would the company's line of business affect the design of its accounting information system? Give an example of at least two different types of companies and identify the basic activities and transaction cycles in each. What differences and similarities do you see between the companies? A company’s line of business affects the design of it accounting information system in several ways. The type of business the company is in will determine what type of information will be collected, how it will be collected, where/how it will be stored and how the company will use the information. It will also determine what information is deemed mandatory, essential or discretionary. Sysco Foods is a great example of a merchandising/servicing company. The information they collect, store and use will help them forecast what businesses are looking for. It will help
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