History Lecture March 19

History Lecture March 19 - etc o brought comforts o new...

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History Lecture 03/19/10 The Fundamentalist Challenge I. Crisis of Certainty A. material abundance in a consumer society B. restlessness along lines of race, class, and gender D. intellectual skepticism II. Search for Certainty A. anti-evolution crusade, 1925-27 B. first principles vs. contingency William Poteat Wake Forest College Committee of One Hundred D. Scott Poole -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skotes trial – TN trial over anti-evolution; Skotes was a teacher. Controversy of evolution in NC o Darwin/Darwinism Why this particular moment in time for controversy over Darwin’s ideas? Gray period of political and social unrest. Time when relationships of power and privilege are up for grabs. A society with a place for everyone and everyone in their place. Age of a lot of new things – movies, cars, radio, phonograph, consumer culture,
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Unformatted text preview: etc. o brought comforts o new avenues of experience – the world got bigger. o new look and fashion style. • Most mill workers welcomed the new comforts of society. o but majority rejected any suggestion of black equality. • First shots of the struggle were fired in 1920 when a newspaper in 1920 called for William Poteat to be dismissed from being president of Wake Forest College (Baptist College) because he was teaching Darwinism. • Spokesperson for anti-darwinism was D. Scott Poole. Wrote a bill that called for the banning of teaching Darwinism. • Committee of One Hundred: As in the 100 counties of NC. Held in Charlotte. NC was considered very important in the campaign against Darwinism. • UNC criticism: The University’s mission was to set men free and liberate the mind. o UNC infested with infidels… • The Satanic rights of Social Science o the less the social sciences, the better...
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History Lecture March 19 - etc o brought comforts o new...

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