Politics topic - Breaching assignment

Politics topic - Breaching assignment - was a blast…...

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Politics Part 1: select an everyday social situation or interaction Describe the situation you participated in. What happened? o I said to my friend Omar “Hey, What’s up?” … and he replied, “Salutations!” … relaxed, and a common situation… happy How did the others present act or react to the situation? o casually… think its just an acknowledgement and nothing else… How did you feel about participating in this situation? o It felt very casual and normal… something I expect on a day to day basis… Part 2: Breach ” this situation. This could include doing something generally acceptable but inappropriate to the situation or your role in it, doing something generally unacceptable in any situation, or doing something novel. Describe what you decided to change about your behavior. I said to my friend Omar in a disrespectful manner, “Hey Republican, what are you doing?” … Describe the situation. What happened once you changed? o And he replied “Hey ASS, what are YOU doing???” … very upset, and that
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Unformatted text preview: was a blast… shocked and felt that it was rude… why did you call me out?? … He totally changed his behavior compared to the first circumstance… • How did the others present act or react? o he is more than that… why do you need to label him? … sounded like there was something wrong with it?? o ignore… no response… “how ignorant” … “oh are you talking to me?” … “was that worth the effort?” … tell friends • How did you feel? o I felt very mean, because of the tone of my voice and the way I called him a republican like it was a bad thing… Finally, you need to analyze the results of your experiment. • What did you learn about the situation you were involved in, and your expected role in it? o • What did your breach of norms and expectations teach you? o • The exact nature of your analysis will depend on the nature of your breach....
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Politics topic - Breaching assignment - was a blast…...

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