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Sociology Notes April 26th

Sociology Notes April 26th - collective action(open source...

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Sociology Notes, April 26 th How New things happen o Plausible promise framing Vision of what it will look like that is appealing to you… offering an achievable goal. Legitimate motivation. o Tools Smart tools ones that don’t have built in modifications o Social bargain What to expect for your efforts. What punishments for outsiders Why to accept inequality “Here Comes Everybody” o new technologies lower the cost of communicating/organizing o these low costs make new forms of organization possible o these costs also make new activities possible sharing (Flikr) collaborating (Twitter, Wikipedia)
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Unformatted text preview: collective action (open source software, flash mobs) o old organizations and old activities become inefficient compared to new ones • human nature o social – we like to form groups o intelligent – we can buy ourselves, make things to share… we are smart enough to know how to form groups • What else new is happening? o Online commerce aggregators – eBay, etsy, Craigslist, Amazon market place. o Online petitions o activists – Battle in Seattle • digital divide more important • new forms of censorship, surveillance, and control...
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