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Sociology Notes Feb. 22nd

Sociology Notes Feb. 22nd - • But for example once...

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2/22/10 National Behavior – Sociology Notes Around 200 nations in the world Over half came into existence within last 60 years World before World Wars was controlled by empires Ottoman Empire Carved groups out of different sects - Shia, Sunni, Kurds, etc Small groups broke up into countries - had overlap and caused problems Orderly Democracy - every 4-8 power peacefully given to another Not to be taken lightly No such thing as true ethnically pure boundaries, intermarriage occurs and blends Conformity Education o Sciences o Foolish at local level - ignore literacy and basics Human Rights Democracy o Constitutions Economically o Washington Consensus Free Market, Trade Countries trying to model their neighbors All countries internally move in direction of trend Adopting policies does not mean policies will change
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Unformatted text preview: • But, for example, once policies start, actions go down (child labor) Why adopt policies? (Like Corporations, Money, etc) • Public Image • Status/Prestige • Dept of Defense now, not Dept of War • Globalization (Positive Light) 2/22/10 o Global Media, INGOs and ties between groups, Communication Technologies - internet Use these issues as bargaining chips to conform, live up to endorsements Uganda - gay laws • Chided by other Heads of States Nuclear Weapons • US and Russia talk to reduce, Iran and N Korea under huge international pressure Pressures not felt to same extent More likely to Conform: International Aid Recipients Debtors Wealthy Countries - set a good example $$$ Trade Oriented countries...
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Sociology Notes Feb. 22nd - • But for example once...

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