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Study Guide #1

Study Guide #1 - Sociology 101 Sociological Perspectives...

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Sociology 101 – Sociological Perspectives Midterm Exam Guide 1 What is sociology? The study of society List and describe the 3 main perspectives that sociologists use to focus their attention on various aspects of social life. How does each perspective improve on the theory it has largely replaced? 1) Structuralism (functionalism) – explanation for social change 2) conflict (Marxism) – not predictive, not a lot of violence 3) social constructionism (symbolic interactionism)– more on how ideas are developed over time According to Calhoun in “Sociology in America,” what was the major scientific influence on early American sociology? What was the major activist influence? Social Darwinism. Economic liberalism. According to Cole in “What’s Wrong with Sociology?,” what is wrong with sociology? Ideology, over-generalized, white perspective, lack of identity, a-historical What is the difference between a count and a survey? How often do sociologists use data from counts? How often do they use data from surveys? A count is for a whole population and a survey is for a small group of people to represent the whole population. Not very often. A lot more than counts. *Be aware of American trends in income, income inequality, wealth inequality, taxes, health care spending, and health outcomes. Be aware of how those trends compare to those in other Western nations. Income: declined between nations; grew for US Income Inequality: grown between nations; declined for US Wealth Inequality: declined between nations; declined for US Taxes: US well below nations; grown for US Health Care Spending: declined between nations; grown for US Health outcomes: grown for nations: grown for US How do age, cohort, and period effects cause changes in public opinion and public values? age effects: beliefs change over time cohort effects: effects of one generations values being consumed period effects: when something happens in time that shifts everyone’s attitude over a point in time. According to Alwin in “Generations X, Y, and Z,” how have trust in others and trust in the government changed over the past 50 years?
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