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October 10 - 10/11/10 Hist 128 Lecture 1920s o Politics Ut...

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10/11/10 Hist 128 Lecture 1920’s o Politics Utter dominance of republican control By the 20’s, their majority was still dominant, crushed democrats 1920-James W. Cox – mildly liberal, from Ohio, gets 34% of popular vote 1924- John W. Davis only 29% of popular vote 1928- Al Smith only 41% of popular vote Cultural issues, questions of ethnicity, religion, etc will dominate politics Prosperity had returned, businessmen more than happy Cultural issues Prohibition – law of the land, can’t be avoided Values and teachings of small town America 20’s, see the rise of new mass media, the radio, television, decade of talkies One of the keys why democrats did so poorly Democrats – 2 wings
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10/11/10 The urban catholic working class wing The old dominant brian wing of the party Urban vs. rural Democrats national convention A party divided within Resolution of democrat going on record for sensoring KKK 50/50 … party couldn’t unify on a candidate McAdoo vs. Al Smith in democrats o John W. Davis instead Domestic side of WWI 2 legacies o 1) Economic War Industries Board – led by wall street millionaire Fix prices, allocate more materials without economy Food and fuel administrations Encourage Americans to produce as much as they could, for subsidies
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October 10 - 10/11/10 Hist 128 Lecture 1920s o Politics Ut...

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