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1-24 ... Persian_Pelop_Wars_outline - Copy - The Drama of...

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The Drama of the Greek City-States I. The Drama of the ancient Greek city-states a. Their story of their rise to prominence only arose over a couple of decades. b. Nation-states = modern invention i. Dominant political and historical paradigm ii. 2 or 3 languages shared iii. Nation-state is strictly a modern invention… not until after late 18 th century c. The refinement of Athenian democracy – was really the first major democracy people wrote about. i. Athens became ever more democratic during its fall ii. Athens draws parallels to the modern US – but not all good iii. Democracy put to the test iv. The limits of democracy? II. Persian Wars (490-479 BC) a. Herodotus (c. 484-c.425) – began to write about the Persian war (who, what, where, when, how) i. Known as The Father of History ii. First comprehensive history that we know of
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iii. Reason we know what we know of the Persian war, no Persian side to the war iv. This war was defining for the Greeks – not so much of Persians v. Persians put down the rebellion in Maletus 1. Began planning an invasion of Greece a. Next step for expansion 2. Persians – biggest most powerful and thought to win vi. Darius, the Persian leader, sent a force by sea and they made land around the area of Marathon (26.2 miles from Athens) 1. Athenians lost their minds, not for sure what to do, they were surprised 2. Athenians got an army and sent them to Marathon, And they beat the Persians b. Causes, early stages: Miletus, Ionian Greeks revolt, Marathon c. Persian advance: Xerxes, Thermopylae, Salamis, Themistocles i. Xerxes proceeded Darius 1. Ready to concentrate on a Greek invasion, decided to personally lead the invasion, had a huge army, dug a canal to get there ii. Greeks are not ready to fight… unprepared, uncoordinated and bigger… Cities were thinking different things but most knew they
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1-24 ... Persian_Pelop_Wars_outline - Copy - The Drama of...

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