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Ancient Near East I. Origins of Western civ.? a. Greeks? Hebrews? Both? i. Beginning in ancient Greece… losts of info to support that ii. Hebrews also… developed monotheism… legend built on morals… good case for that also…. iii. A synthesis of Greek and Hebrew epistemologies for the origin of Western Civ… iv. Middle east… people who came in contact with Hebrews and Greeks… first communities in the world… 1. Civilation, what is it? … writing is a key component of civilization… send along a prominent sense of the past b. Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics i. Cuneiform: writing ii. Egyptians develop heiroglyphics c. Ancient Near East: Mesopotamian political systems; Hebrew sense of past/identity i. Ancient Mesopotamia… building an empire… ii. Hebrews set the stage for how they identified themselves: a distinctive past, having history, a literary culture…. A written narrative… iii. Mesopotamia… a greek term meaning the land between the 2 rivers… fertile crescent (referred to as) …. Around 4000 BC people began to settle there
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II. Ancient Mesopotamia, a. Fertile Crescent (Tigris and Euphrates): development of government. i. Irrigation to settle for jobs… religion development ii. Primitive urban communities b. Sargon (2334-2279), city-states → empire i. Sargon created the first empire 1. Conquer some of the cities and unite them under his leadership 2. Akkad and Sumer brought them together c. Shulgi (2094-2047), i. Refined the idea of the empire… set it up to work efficiently…. Ruled it
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1-12 ... Near_East_outline - Copy - Ancient Near East I....

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