1-18 ... Early Greece_outline - Copy

1-18 ... Early Greece_outline - Copy - i. Syracuse,...

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Early Greek History and Greek Society I. Role of Ancient Greece in “Western” civilization? a. Democracy, citizen rights, human (not divine) creation of laws b. reason, balance, “golden mean,” arête II. Economic and Social Origins a. Greek and barbaroi b. Geography: Peloponnese, Aegean, Crete c. Minoan (c. 7000BC--c. 1600 BC) and Mycenaean (1500-1000 BC) civilizations d. Phoenicians, alphabetic script, Homer III. Rise of the Polis a. Physical elements: chora, acropolis, agora, gymnasium and/or palaestra, theater, and symposium. b. Demos c. Colonization movement
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Unformatted text preview: i. Syracuse, metropolis, Olympics (776 BC) d. Athens (trade + democratic) and Sparta (agriculture + military state) IV. Sparta a. Geography: Messinia, Laconia b. People: Helots, Spartiates, Kings, Ephorate, military training c. Absence of material/written culture = absence of evidence V. Athens a. Geography: Attica, Larium b. Monarchy, merchant class → oligarchy c. Draco (c. 621), Solon (c. 590), slaves, changes in political class d. Boule e. Cleisthenes (c. 508 BC), ostracism f. Athenian women...
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1-18 ... Early Greece_outline - Copy - i. Syracuse,...

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