Afshar wk-2. Buss 660- Leadership Style

Afshar wk-2. Buss 660- Leadership Style - Leadership p...

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Leadership p Style 1 Leadership Style Tebbie Afshar Ashford University BUS660 – Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership Dr. Suzanne LeBeau Leadership Styles Leadership is the power to lead, to motivate and to influence the followers to do what is necessary to meet and exceed the organizations expectation.
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Leadership p Style 2 Observing the strategies of previous organizational leaders will allow an individual to formulate his or her own methodology of leading an organization and determine which strategies to emulate. A high-quality leader should make good use of all three styles charismatic, transactional, and transformational, by focusing on attempts and to define a much distorted leadership. (Avolio, 2002). Any of these leadership style can be quite beneficial within organizations thus allowing leaders to "rise to the occasion" recognizing, which of their specific leadership quality is most desirable. To be a leader, one must possess the capacity to enforce effect and influence change without the overtones of a dictatorial leadership style all together, realizing the essence of a high-quality leader determines his or her ability to learn from his or her errors in an effort to find the best solution to generate the best outcome within his or her organization. The included leadership theories implemented are as follows: 1. Contingency Theories-This theory of leadership focuses on exacting inconsistencies connected to the culture and diversity of the organization, which
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Afshar wk-2. Buss 660- Leadership Style - Leadership p...

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