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\documentclass{article} \newcounter{kbc} \newenvironment{kblist} {\begin{list}{(\arabic{kbc})}{\usecounter{kbc}}}{\end{list}} \title{CS 440: Introduction to AI} \author{Homework 2 - Part B} \date{Due: September 28 11:59PM, 2010} \begin{document} \maketitle \emph{Your answers must be concise and clear. Explain sufficiently that we can easily determine what you understand. We will give more points for a brief interesting discussion with no answer than for a bluffing answer.} \section{Resolution Refutation} Consider the following English sentences. They are already translated into FOPC sentences. \begin{kblist} %(1) \item DaeHoon is a CS student. CS\_student($DaeHoon$) %(2) \item Every CS student has been to the CRCE (Campus Recreation Center). $\forall x$ (CS\_student($x$) $\Rightarrow$ Visited($x, CRCE$)) %(3) \item There is a racquetball court in CRCE. $\exists x$ (Is\_racquetball\_court($x$) $\wedge$ Located\_in($x, CRCE$)) %(4) \item No graduate student plays squash.
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hw2_B - \documentclasscfw_article \newcountercfw_kbc

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