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Extra Credit Opportunity By popular demand, an optional extra credit assignment is to attend and hand in a brief (less than one page) critique of Prof. Siskind's AI talk. He will speak at 2PM Friday 11/18/10 in 3405 Siebel on "Investigating Embodied Intelligence via Assembly Imitation and Learning to Play Board Games" This optional assignment is worth approximately the same as one in-class assignment. If you wish to participate but cannot attend his lecture you may instead critique this paper: ftp://ftp.ecn.purdue.edu/qobi/icra2010.pdf Your critique must be emailed to Prof DeJong by midnight Sunday 11/21/10.
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Unformatted text preview: We are particularly interested in 1) a justified opinion on how well you think his systems will behave on similar tasks (other than those they were specifically designed to perform) and 2) how to understand his work in the context of the concepts and distinctions that we have studied this semester the difference between empirical and analytic models, generative and discriminative models, learning bias, first-order vs. propositional representations, inference, learning, and the various specific AI constructs such as Strips operators, Bayes nets, perceptrons, etc.)...
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