pelvis review - Anatomy h ole I l iac crest: the eage of...

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hole Anatomy Iliac crest: the eage of false pulse False pelvis: innominate bones (ilium, pubis, ischium), pubic symphysis Arcuate line of ilium: brim, medial part, made up linea terminalis Ture pelvis: ischial spine Greater sciatic notch Lesser sciatic notch Quadrants RUQ LUQ RLQ LLQ Regions Rt hypochondrium Epigastrium Lt hypochondrium Rt lumbar Umbilical region Lt lumber Rt iliac Hypogastrium Lt iliac False & true pelvis separate by linea terminalis an imaginary line Post’ false pelvis muscle o Psoas major: from lower thoracic vertebrae, anterolaterally iliac crests o Iliacus: cover ilium bone of false pelvis o Iliopsoas: psoas major + iliacus at iliac crests, false pelvis Ant’ along the linea terminalis, then pelvic brim, insert into lesser trochanter of femur Ant’ false pelvis muscle o Rectus abdominis: from 6 th Intersect with transverse abdominis wrap rectus abdominis in a
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muscular sheath Narrow portion btw muscular sheath linea alba at midline o Transverse abdominis: anterolateral border of abdominopelvic cavity, horizontal running True pelvis muscle o Obturator internus: anterolateral wall
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pelvis review - Anatomy h ole I l iac crest: the eage of...

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